4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Firm’s Efficiency


It’s probably no surprise to you that the legal profession relies heavily on paperwork and administrative tasks. However, what might be surprising is that the average lawyer in a small firm can spend up to 12 hours per week just on administrative tasks. Perhaps it doesn’t sound too bad? Well, considering lawyers work about 60 hours a week, you’re spending over ¼ of your work week on admin tasks! Unfortunately for small law firms, it’s common to suffer from inefficiency due largely to a lack of resources. A limited number of staff can only do so much in a day, but what if you could do … [Read more...]

Legal IT in the 21st century

Legal IT in the 21st Century

What clients are looking for today are lawyers who are responsive and have all the information about their matter available all the time. The idea that one should need to wait to get back to the office for matter information is anachronistic. Your competitors will crush you and your firm will face steady inevitable decline if you ignore this. The success of every law firm has always been dependent on the quality of service provided by their lawyers. And that service, outside of legal skills, is largely dependent on the quality of the information that modern technology can … [Read more...]

5 ways Smartphones are transforming the way lawyers work.

The Mobile Lawyer

Smartphones are transforming the way lawyers work. Information that was previously inaccessible in in-house document management and accounting systems is now available to you as a modern lawyer where ever you go. With a great practice management system you can move out of the office (or even around it to a conference room perhaps) and still have all the practice management information available to you. The connection between your desktop and access to information has finally been broken. Enjoy practice more: convenience for you, the lawyer One of the most common requests we came … [Read more...]

Discover your own piece of paradise with LEAP


Why cloud computing is ideal for small law firms Over 2,600 firms use LEAP in the cloud for their business. Why? With LEAP you can unlock more value in your business. Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today's business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier. There are many benefits to moving your business to the cloud: 1. No Servers You … [Read more...]

The Paperless Office: 5 Practical Tips for a 21st Century law firm

Getting resume out

Some lawyers (you’d be surprised how many) have a simple system where every email they send and receive is printed out and placed carefully in a manila folder. What an incredible waste of time and money this is! How risky. How unnecessary. I don’t run a law firm but I have visited many over the years and I can say yes, there are paperless law firms operating today. I have seen them and it really does work. Changing from paper to paperless takes courage and the acceptance that properly stored electronic data is far more secure, safe and accessible than we ever thought possible. Our work … [Read more...]

Why 2015 is the year of the cloud for your firm


Author: Rachel-Leanne Williams is the Global Conversions Manager at LEAP and manages a team of experienced software specialists, on a range of legal software packages.  Cloud technology is taking the legal industry by storm! Research shows that over 97% of law firms are planning to invest in technology over the next 12 months; so the time to start thinking about the future of your firm is now. With the increasing demand from clients to be provided with an immediate service, and employees looking for more of a work/life balance, we're finding that more small law firms than ever are … [Read more...]

Inefficient software the silent law firm killer: 7 ways to tell if your law firm is suffering

Computer Virus 2

  David Greenhough is the Director of LEAP for WA and SA and has been helping small law firms choose the right solution for their needs for over 20 years.  The biggest challenge for small firms is not only choosing the right software for their needs, but also being able to identify and acknowledge when their existing software is more of a hindrance than an asset. With an abundance of choices, and an overload of information, it’s difficult to ascertain which solution is right for your firm. To help you get started, here are the 7 signs that it’s time for a software upgrade… 1.       Death … [Read more...]

Best Practice for taking instructions


The process of taking instructions in a new matter is perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting activities for a lawyer. A new client! A new matter! It is when all your legal skills need to come into play. It is also the time when a client’s expectations are at their highest. They have a problem that needs to be solved and they are asking for your help. It is likely that this is the very reason you became a lawyer. Clients like to tell their story and they don’t always provide all the facts that you need. At the same time, you need to ask probing questions to make sure you understand … [Read more...]

Perils of Professional Services Websites: 10 most common mistakes & how to avoid them


 Author: Alistair Marshall from Julian Midwinter & Associates  Bio: As a business development expert and acclaimed author, Alistair Marshall has spent the last 20 years working with leading law firms, accountants and banks, providing strategic and practical advice. As we continue to move towards an online world where more and more potential clients find your services on mobile devices, there are still thousands of professional law firms with a poor online presence or even more alarmingly without ANY website at all! Here are 10 common mistakes I see happening regularly within law … [Read more...]

There’s an app for that!


  Author: Luke Ford: Web & Mobile Development Manager  Luke is a self-confessed Apple junkie and has been developing legal technology for the last 6 years. He is passionate about creating easy-to-use, beautiful software and looking forward to his next personal challenge - running a full marathon in 2015!  Mobility and app’s for business are one of the biggest technological revolutions many of us have seen. Many apps available today have enabled us to do more work, more efficiently, helped drive productivity and most importantly, helped us maintain a work life balance. … [Read more...]